Абонемент на серию мастер-классов «ПОСТОБРАБОТКА – это не скучно!»

Стоимость: 500 грн.

Описание: Владелец абонемента получает право на посещение ВСЕЙ СЕРИИ семинаров «ПОСТОБРАБОТКА – это не скучно!»

17 ноября — Как сделать хороший портрет или основы ретуши портрета. Постигаем базовые моменты!
24 ноября — Как добавить в фотографию цвет? Основы цветокоррекции.
30 ноября — Хочу тонировку. Все об этом и спецэффектах.
8 декабря — Черно-белое настроение! Поговорим о черно-белых фотографиях.
15 декабря — Как обработать 1000 фото за 2 часа!

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Raytheon and General Dynamics joint venture awarded U

DULLES, Va., Jan. Air Force has awarded one of its most important space procurements, potentially a multi billion dollar contract to operate, maintain, and sustain launch ranges at Florida’s Space Coast and Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, to a joint venture of Raytheon (NYSE: RTN) General Dynamics.

The joint venture, called Range Generation Next (RGNext) is responsible for operations, as well as organizational and depot level maintenance and sustainment for safe and effective launch, testing, and tracking of Department of Defense, civil, commercial, and international spacelift vehicles. It will also support ballistic missile, guided weapon, and aeronautical tests and evaluations.

Existing operations and maintenance at the Eastern and Western launch ranges and the engineering and sustainment work for the entire LTRS are being consolidated wholesale nfl jerseys into cheap jerseys china LISC, primarily a fixed price incentive firm (target) contract. Air Force more than 40 years of operations and maintenance experience, along with leadership across information technology domains,» said Lynn Dugle, cheap nfl jerseys president of Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services. «In this cost sensitive environment, LISC will deliver efficiencies cheap jerseys and economies of scale that could not be obtained under separate contracts. Our team is eager to play its part in helping the customer ensure safe mission operations.» «As part of this proven team, General Dynamics Information Technology will leverage lessons learned and proven processes to ensure the ranges continue as the nation’s premier launch facilities,» said Dan Johnson, president of General Dynamics Information Technology.Articles Connexes:

What You Must Know About Spam

When referring to emails, according to the NCES (National Centre for Education Statistic), «Spam refers to electronic junk mail or junk newsgroup postings. Some people define Spam even more generally as any unsolicited e mail. In addition to being a nuisance, Spam also eats up a lot of network bandwidth. Because the Internet is a public network, little can be done to prevent Spam, just as it is impossible to prevent junk mail. However, the use of software filters in e mail programs can be used to remove most Spam sent through e mail.»

Some search engines use the term to describe websites that try to attain a high listing rank by submitting identical or mirror pages. In this article I am going to give you a few tips about email Spam.

If we give a too general definition to the word, we might end up taking for Spam perfectly legitimate emails. Not «any» unsolicited mail is Spam. Spam means unsolicited bulk email.

If a message is unsolicited that doesn make it Spam. The same goes for bulk. A message is Spam only if it is both unsolicited and bulk. When you receive an unsolicited job enquiry, you do receive an uncalled for email. But is that Spam? No. What about a newsletter? That is bulk, but no Spam if you are a subscriber.

Why Do You Get Spam?

Have you posted your email address online in forums, chat rooms, on your website? Than why do you marvel? Spammers gather the addresses from the Internet; so no wonder your own found its way onto a wholesale jerseys china spammer list. Besides, spammers use different other means to get what they want: viruses, Trojans, buying from other spammers.

Spam Scams

How many times have you received wholesale jerseys china an «update your account» email wholesale nhl jerseys from paypal, a bank or ebay? How many times have you received a «warning message»? Maybe it didn look suspicious to you as it came from an institution you work with, but was it really that way? This kind of emails is referred to Cheap NFL Jerseys as «phishing cheap jerseys scam». There is not much you can do when this happens. Just don click on any links in that email, don give away any confidential information such Cheap Jerseys From China as social security number, bank account or credit card number. There are some free tools that can protect you against known phishing websites. For example download the free EarthLink toolbar and report the scam to the Anti Phishing Working Group.

What about the emails from different Nigerian (or other nationalities) citizens offering you a percentage of a vast sum of money? Yes, you got that wholesale nfl jerseys china right: scam. You only loose your money on this one. Better don be curious. They will ask you to cheap mlb jerseys pay a fee in advance a so called transfer tax, and guess what: some complications will appear, you have to pay more and wholesale jerseys more and end up with nothing. And don believe the «you won money» lottery sweepstakes either. You only spend. The same goes for the Nigerian purchase scam: they want to buy something from you, pay by check and they wish the goods to be sent in Lagos, Nigeria.

A Major Don reply to spammers. ever! Don send any «remove me» message. By doing so you confirm your address is active, you show you read bulk Wholesale NFL Jerseys messages, you prove your ISP doesn use Spam filters. You are the perfect candidate. You will never be removed. If not. check out Cauce international partners (example: EuroCAUCE for Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, France, Norway).Articles Connexes:

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