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Video catches abuse of Afghans in Iran

Iranian Internet users are circulating a video that shows what appears to be an Iranian police officer insulting and abusing a group of Afghans. Our Observer says this shocking footage underscores the fact that Afghans regularly suffer discrimination in Iran.

In the video, a man, cheap nfl jerseys off camera, insults a group of Afghans as they do grueling physical exercises in a parking lot. In Persian, he calls them and then addresses a few of the men individually. I a good person? Do you like me? he asks a young man. I like you the young man replies, visibly under duress. like you too. You a very good boy, he continues. old are you? The young man answers: long have you been in Iran? long. This is the first time. «Where were you arrested?» The young man’s answer is inaudible. He then asks similar questions of several other men, before asking the whole group to say love you, sergeant They comply, and cheap jerseys from china he makes them repeat this more loudly, before replying love you too! and ordering them to do more exercises.

The video first started circulating on Facebook a few days ago, but it is impossible to tell precisely when or where it was filmed. Given the type of vehicles parked in the lot, as well as the clothing of the police officers walking in the background, it is clear it was filmed in Iran. The location is likely a police station or a detention camp for Afghan migrants.

Several Iranian media sites including one linked to the Revolutionary Guards have written about the video, condemning the abuse and calling for the culprits to be identified and punished.

Due to all the problems in Afghanistan the insecurity, unemployment and lack of basic resources like water and electricity many Afghans are forced to immigrate to neighboring countries like Pakistan and Iran. Most of the Afghans who speak Persian choose Iran. Sadly, most of them tell sad stories of being insulted and abused. wholesale jerseys china And unfortunately, in the past years, with cases of abuse getting shared on social networks, anti Iran sentiment is rising in Afghanistan.

To start with, Afghans whether they come in illegally or legally don have the same rights as everybody else in Iran. They are limited in their movements. They aren allowed to own motor vehicles, and special permissions are required if they want to travel throughout the country. They can live wherever they want, either some cities, like Rasht and others, in particular in the north, have banned Afghans from settling within their borders.

is particularly common in camps where Afghan migrants are detained before being deported

Education isn accessible to all Afghan children, either. Only children of Afghans who are in the country legally are allowed to enroll in school. But some of these children find themselves banned from schools in certain cities. And if a child is born in Iran to two Afghan parents who are in Iran illegally, the child is stateless and isn wholesale nba jerseys allowed to enroll in school.

Abuse by police is common, in particular in camps where Afghan migrants are detained before being deported. Many cases, including beatings and humiliation, have been reported there [Editor Note: including by Human Rights Watch] But it isn just low ranking police officers who discriminate against Afghans; it at the highest level. The former president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, once described Afghans as who want to kick their host out of their house

Afghans are also executed at a very high rate in Iran, mostly on drug related charges [Editor Note: this includes juveniles as young as 15]. The punishment is completely disproportionate to the alleged offenses. And Afghans who have nothing to do with the drug trade are often pegged as drug dealers.Articles Connexes:

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