Мастер-класс: Поговорим о свадьбе


Дата и время проведения: 22 сентября (воскресение)

Ведущий: Анна Маркель

Стоимость: 100 грн.

Многие фотографы, особенно начинающие в сфере свадебной фотографии, часто восхищаются картинками профессионалов, пробуют сделать похожее и, зачастую, у них это не выходит. Конечно, они задаются вопросами: в чем же секрет красивой и эффектной свадебной картинки? Почему у меня не получается так?

Теперь о личном…
Анна Маркель на своем мастер-классе «Поговорим о свадьбе» готова поделиться своим личным опытом – самым драгоценным, что есть у фотографа:
— для чего нужно привнести в свадебное фото немного собственной индивидуальности;
— как не зацикливаться на гонораре, а зациклиться на повышении профессионального уровня в свадебной фотографии;
— почему на рынке свадебной фотографии давно перестали работать «клише»;
— для чего нужен фирменный стиль фотографа;
— что такое «зона комфорта» свадебного фотографа и почему из нее нужно убегать сломя голову;
— как работать с парой до, во время и после свадьбы.

Итак, для кого этот мастер-класс?
— для тех, кто хоть раз пробовал снимать на свадьбе, хочет поделиться своим опытом, снимать дальше и лучше;
— для тех, кто хочет снимать на свадьбе и делать качественные и стильные картинки;
— для тех, кто готов показать свои свадебные работы и услышать «правильную критику» и полезные советы от профессионала;
— для тех, кто работает на свадьбах и очень хочет научиться «продавать себя дороже»;

И еще раз, ключевые моменты мастер-класса «Поговорим о свадьбе»:
— «Свадьба это…» — психологический настрой фотографа;
— Индивидуальность в снимках фотографа: хорошо или плохо и, в какой дозировке;
— «Зона комфорта» — путь не вверх, а вниз! Почему «погибают» фотографы, делающие шаблонные снимки;
— Этика переговоров. Как беседовать с парой до и во время свадьбы;
— «Не важно чем, важно как!» Почему техника съемки важнее вашего оборудования;
— Ассистенты на свадьбе – помощь или помеха? Как воспитать отличного помощника?
— «Группа поддержки» фотографа. Для чего в мобильном фотографа должны быть телефоны: идейных оформителей, декораторов, визажистов, стилистов и видеографов, которым доверяешь как себе;
— Подстраиваться под локацию или локацию подстраивать под себя? Что делать, если пара хочет фото у мемориала или совсем не знает, где хочет погулять в свой свадебный день;
— Портфолио важнее, чем новый объектив! Во что действительно нужно вкладывать заработанные деньги;
а также, о бумажных формальностях, публичности свадебных фото и многом другом!

И самое важное…
Ждем ВАС в воскресение 22 сентября в 15.00 в нашей студии!
Стоимость участия 100 грн.

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Dear Chuck, I know you didn’t mention him by name but :»The Golf Channel regulars Lerner, Tilghman, et al were a disgrace.» I don’t agree with because:In my opinion Nick Faldo said some of the most poignant comments of anybody anywhere on this topic. He didn’t ass lick, he also didn’t slam him, but he said basically «get on with it» and I think that is true. This farce wholesale nba jerseys china about «rehab» and «therapy» and treatment is BS. The only kind of therapy that could possibly help Tiger is to find out what it is in his childhood that causes him to seek «mini marriages» with all the women he sleeps with. One thing is clear, Tiger was not only looking for sex from these women, he was looking for committed relationships, in other words: LOVE. He has problems from his childhood that have caused him to go looking for girlfriend after girlfriend. He is deeply insecure when it comes to romantic relationships and desires to be loved by every woman he comes in contact with. A few weeks at some scam «sex addiction» clinic ain’t gonna cure that. His words are practically worthless now, he should just start playing golf and hope people forget all about this when they seem him hit amazing shots again. Unfortunately, he’s not going to do that.

Fred, I think that Nick Faldo has been doing some really good cheap jerseys all around work for Golf Channel, and today was no exception. I mentioned Lerner and Tilghman; I could have added Charlie Rymer and Steve Sands, and several others. It is pathetic. This should have been a day for John Hawkins, Alex Micelli, Jim Gray and cheap nfl jerseys Rex Hoggard. Golf Channel will air an interview Vartan Kupelian if the are doing their job, and if they aren’t simply a green grass Home Shopping Network.

FredI think you’d make for a great guest appearance with Britt Hume two people who seem to think they know so much about what’s wrong with someone else, so quick to tell them what to do, and so sure that no one else could Cheap NFL Jerseys possibly have as good, or a better way of dealing with it. And heck, if you think your amateur wholesale nba jerseys armchair psychology is somehow in any way related to the reality of the situation that is Tiger Woods’ life, well, knock yourself out.

Sorry you’re such a fanboy golfboy, you drank the coolaid. Tiger’s dream team of PR people create this type of media scrum for people like you and Feherty. (who is widely considered the biggest Tiger bum kisser in the business) Tiger has never, cheap jerseys china and will never truly believe he is wrong on anything. He is sorry he got caught obviously, he is sorry some of his mistresses have told the media how he informed them his marriage was a scam to earn more endorsement dollars, and he is sorry the lid has been blown off his lifestyle. He will now do what his PR people tell him and complete what is considered an acceptable amount of time in «rehab» then he will begin rebuilding the empire that makes so much money. A few years ago David Duchoveny was sent to one of these «sex rehab» clinics, it was done to bring more attention and ratings for the upcoming season of «Californication» on HBO. In case you think that there is any hint of honesty and genuine regret in any of these types of things, PR people make incredible amounts of money and the reason they do is because they are making even more money for their clients. This apology today was a carefully crafted first step of an even more carefully crafted comeback strategy to maintain earning power and wealth. Faldo is correct, Tiger should do away with all the «therapy» smokescreens and just play golf the way he can and hope he wins back his fans. By the way, if you want to believe he is going wholesale jerseys to magically change the person he has developed into through the course of 30 odd years, wholesale jerseys in a few weeks at a rehab resort «knock yourself out»

don’t believe there’s any «magic» involved Fred. If the guy works hard, which he has proven in the past very capable of doing, he can right his life.

No one will ever confuse what is on Golf Channel as journalism from what comes from their usual on air talent. Miceli has been the canary in the coal mine since this all went down three months ago. He has guts saying what most golfers think. John Hawkins was right behind him. ESPN was awful this afternoon. They ran the entire «statement» twice in an hour Outside the Lines special for some unexplained reason. Most of the people on two separate panels were practically high fiving Woods’ efforts. One columnist for the Orlando Sentinel even commented «do we really know any of these athletes?» Maybe I missed something, but isn’t that what the press is supposed to be doing, informing their readers about the sports figures of the day? At least the GWAA didn’t go along with this shame, especially when so many of them have been accused of being toadies for Woods by the main stream media.

Where was the apology to all the women he lead on with his BS as he was having his way with them?Not one word!!!!! He is still the same selfish, self absorbed, tourtured soul he’s been. He says he isn’t above the rules everyone else must live by and then not 5 minutes later is scolding the tabliod press for intruding on his family life. The tele statement was a farce. That PGA TOUR set might as well have been a funeral home. The continued, pathetic handling of this is as JV as it gets. Faldo’s still mad at the golf media (British), but a distinction should be made between sports/golf media and wholesale jerseys tabloid/other media who have been hounding Woods’ family. It’s not Larry Dorman chasing his kids and mom, hope Tiger realizes the diff. The hot play also makes NFL jerseys more and more popular. It represents a attitude, no sum you are sport fans or not. There are lots of NFL jerseys and settle upon the reliability is unusually important.Articles Connexes:

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