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Ведущий ЛЕЛЮК Владимир и другие авторитетные фотографы таких жанров как портрет, пейзаж и репортаж, свадебной фотография, предметная съемка. Мы будем искать таланты и ярких авторов, также вы сможете получить адекватную оценку своего портфолио и к чему нужно стремиться дальше.

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‘I will never sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher’

Christie talks brashness: ‘I will never sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher’

Gov. Christie pauses for a selfie before Tuesday town hall meeting in Matawan. His bombast is sometimes just the product of a bad day, Gov. Christie said Tuesday, telling a crowd at cheap nfl jerseys from china a town hall style meeting that he has said things he wouldn’t necessarily repeat. But that allowance only went so far.

«Sometimes, I just want to do it,» Christie said. He described his brash tendencies as a mark of being genuine: «I think we’ve had too much of people in public life pretending to be something» they are not.

Christie’s remarks, made in a high school gymnasium in Middlesex County, followed a question from a kindergarten teacher who had told Christie he would need «to tone it down a bit» if he ran for president.

«The press seems to get your worst side all the time,» said Cheryl Meyer, 45, who teaches in Woodbridge. » ‘Shut up and sit down,’ ‘Idiot.’ . . . My kids at school say, ‘Why does the governor do that?’ » She said she had asked her students to describe leadership qualities and listed their responses, which included «respectful» and «tolerant of others.»

Christie told Meyer, «One of the things that I’m sure your students probably said, or meant to say, was, ‘honest.’ «

«I’m not out here to be perfect. Nobody is,» he said. «But one thing people never have to wonder about is what I’m thinking.» He added, «I will never sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher.»

Meyer, who had told Christie she was nervous, said after the meeting that she had been «nervous he was going to come after me.»

«I just don’t like name calling,» she said. «Honesty is one thing, but the way he name calls bothers me.»

Christie struck a more critical tone in response to a question from another teacher, who said the state’s decision to settle an environmental lawsuit with ExxonMobil Corp. for wholesale nhl jerseys $225 million, after seeking $8.9 billion, «kind of smells funny.»

Valerie Nugent said ExxonMobil had given $500 million to the Republican Governors Association, which Christie led last year. The company actually gave the RGA $500,000 in 2014, according to records filed with the IRS.

Christie quickly pointed out the inaccuracy, describing the question as «wrong on a bunch of fronts» and accusing Nugent of «just making stuff cheap jerseys from china up.» ExxonMobil «didn’t even give cheap jerseys $500,000,» he said. Christie spokesman Kevin Roberts later said, «The discussion was about the absurdity of the $500 million figure.»

Christie also defended the ExxonMobil settlement, saying the $8.9 billion figure had «no basis in fact.»

Nugent, who teaches high school social studies, said after the meeting that she had misspoken. «He chose to use that to just deflect» the question, she said.

Some in the crowd clapped loudly after Nugent’s question. But many were favorable toward Christie, who stopped in Middlesex County on Tuesday as part of his campaign for pension and health benefits changes.

Kicking off the question and answer portion of the meeting was a man who told Christie, «The people are whispering in your ear to run for president of the United States.»

Christie said he had not decided yet on 2016, but would do so «in the next couple months.»

Another woman told Christie she did not think he was a bully and knew people who were «10 times worse.»

«People who are 10 times worse than me I’m going to put that on a bumper sticker,» Christie said. «Chris Christie: The other guys are 10 times worse.».Articles Connexes:

Maple Leaf Divers return and more

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