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Ведущая лекций в курсе «Творческий портрет», а также авторских лекций «Секреты и особенности детской фотосъемки», «Из истории портретной фотографии», «Изобразительные средства в портретной фотографии. Масштабы портрета»

Фотография — хобби, которое со временем переросло не просто в нечто большее, а стало самым интересным из всего того, чем я занималась в своей жизни. Фотография для меня — и возможность передать свои чувства, эмоции и настроения, и способ общения с реальностью. Иногда на своих снимках стараюсь запечатлеть внешнюю красоту окружающего мира, а иногда хочется заглянуть глубже, постигнуть суть и философию происходящего. Каждый прожитый нами миг уносит частичку бытия, и я иногда испытываю особый трепет от того, что посредством фотографии могу прикоснуться к таинству мистического превращения времени в вечность.»

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Fingerprint of Largest Structure in the Universe

On Jan. 14, 2005, the European Space Agency’s Huygens probe dropped through Titan’s atmosphere after a seven year trek attached to NASA’s Cassini spacecraft.

Huygens wasn’t designed to live for very long after atmospheric reentry, but it unveiled a mysterious outer solar system world to us for the first time.

Before this mission, very little was known about Saturn’s largest moon, and scientists were unsure whether Huygens would land on a rocky surface or in an ocean. Titan’s thick atmosphere composed of primarily nitrogen and clouds of methane and ethane, about 50 percent thicker than our atmosphere signaled cheap authentic jerseys to scientists that Titan was similar to a young Earth.

Observations from the Huygens probe and Cassini spacecraft tell us that Titan and Earth share many features, such as sand dunes and lakes.

Although the lunar surface is still drier than Earth’s driest desert, evidence of water is there, hinting at a solar wind interaction with the moon’s surface that produces water and hydroxyl molecules.

It may not be an oasis up there, but future moon colonists could extract and purify the traces of water from the surface to use for drinking, food cultivation, oxygen and fuel. Or, our colonists could take a trek to the moon’s poles to mine wholesale jerseys water from the deepest craters

On Oct. 9, 2009, NASA dropped a spent rocket into a crater to produce a 100 foot wide hole. They found water there too. That rocket produced a massive plume of dust that was analyzed by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) and ground based observatories. Sure enough, in August 2009, NASA announced that they had found samples of glycine an amino acid in Stardust’s collection plates.

It didn’t stop there, there’s increasing evidence that exoplanets orbiting distant stars contain organic chemistry in their atmospheres.

In 2008, organic chemicals were detected in the disk surrounding a star called HR 4796A, 220 light years from Earth. And most recently, NASA’s Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes detected carbon dioxide, methane and water vapor in the atmosphere of an exoplanet called HD 209458b.

These discoveries, sparked by Stardust, have transformed our understanding about how life may have formed on Earth. By 2008, astronomers tracking the behavior of stars orbiting an invisible point confirmed that the monster is a supermassive black hole called Sagittarius A.

A lone star called «S2,» with a very fast orbit, has been tracked since 1995 around this invisible point. In 2002, Rainer Schdel and his team at the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics announced that the only explanation for S2’s fast orbit was that it was circling a very compact, massive object a supermassive black hole that was stopping the star from flinging out of its orbit into space.

In 2008, after S2 completed one 16 year orbit, it was confirmed that the star was orbiting a black hole with a gargantuan mass of approximately 4.3 million suns.

When the universe was born, vast wholesale jerseys from china amounts of energy were unleashed, which eventually condensed into the stuff that makes up the mass of what we see today. The radiation that was created by the Big Bang still exists, but as faint microwaves.

By mapping slight variations in the CMB radiation, the probe has been able to precisely measure the age of the universe (13.73 billion years old) and wholesale cheap nfl jerseys work out that a huge 96 percent of the mass of the universe is made up of stuff we cannot see. Only 4 percent of the cosmic mass is held in the stars and galaxies we observe; the rest is held in «dark energy» and «dark matter.»Image: A WMAP map of variations in microwave

In 2002, the Hubble Space Telescope was upgraded with a new instrument, the Advanced Camera for Surveys, that revealed the presence of a mysterious force called «dark energy.»

The camera was set up to help researchers understand why Type Ia supernovae were dimmer than expected. Hubble’s observations of these supernovae discovered that they weren’t dimmer because the stars were different (they should all explode with the same brightness). The only explanation was that the universe’s expansion was unexpectedly and inexplicably speeding up. This accelerated expansion was making the light dim over vast cosmic distances.

Hubble’s discovery led to a better understanding of what dark energy is an invisible force that opposes gravity, causing the universe’s expansion to speed up. discovered 136199 Eris, a minor body that is 27 percent bigger than Pluto. Eris had trumped Pluto and become the 9th largest body known to orbit the sun.

In 2006, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) decided that the likelihood of finding more small rocky bodies in the outer solar system was so high that the definition «a planet» needed to be reconsidered. The end result: Pluto was reclassified as a dwarf planet and it acquired a «minor planet designator» in front of its name: «134340 Pluto.»

WATCH VIDEO about Pluto’s demotion to a minor planet.

In the summer of 2006, astronomers made an announcement that helped humans understand the cosmos a little better: They had direct evidence confirming the existence of dark matter even though they still can’t say what exactly the stuff is.

The unprecedented evidence came from the careful weighing of gas and stars flung about in the head on smash up between two great clusters of galaxies in the Bullet Cluster.Articles Connexes:

What Does the Public Relations Client REALLY Want

It’s not unusual for clients of service providers to insist that their budget dollars be quickly applied to a variety of flashy tactics. Yet, when pressed, many acknowledge that what they really want for their money is visible, end game change.

This cheap jerseys is especially true in public relations where clients often second guess

But obviously, flashy tactics alone will not satisfy those clients once they start looking for a return on their public relations investment. Because it is cheap mlb jerseys then that it becomes clear, sometimes painfully, that their goal must be the kind of change in the behaviors of key stakeholders that lead directly

to achieving their business objectives. Thus, it is quality planning, and

the degree of behavioral change it produces, that eventually captures client

attention, not cheap wholesale jerseys tactics.

These days, with public relations budgets in mortal danger from a softening

economy, the old tactical chats between a client CEO and public relations

counsel probably sound more like this: wholesale jerseys «Do something about those activists

chaining themselves to our plant gate and yelling cheap authentic jerseys that our emissions go

into the river. It’s costing us big money each day that plant is shut down.»

Or, «How are we going to calm down those Garden Club members down in the

lobby waving around those cockamamie newspaper reports and talking to the

TV cameras about the additives we use? Where’d that reporter get those

numbers, anyway? It’s costing us sales!»

Or, «Please people, what are you doing to encourage a favorable Town Council

vote on our petition for that new highway off ramp?»

What’s common to each of those rants? The CEO is wholesale jerseys china asking his cheap jerseys china public relations

people to modify somebody’s behavior. He doesn’t want to talk tactics,

or even strategies. He wants wholesale jerseys shop those activists cheap jerseys off his property, he wants

those print and broadcast reporters to do a fairer job of cheap jerseys reporting

on his production methods (hopefully getting the Garden Clubbers off his

back), and he wants a real effort made to move public opinion in a way

that encourages local officials to approve that badly needed vehicle ramp.

Modify somebody’s behavior, that’s his goal, and that’s our job. Fortunately, the key to our efforts and our success is the fact that people really do act on their perception of the facts. In so doing, and in a cumulative way, they form the very public opinion that we must now inform.Articles Connexes:

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